Links to Alexander Technique teachers:

In Hamburg:
     Myself: António Guerreiro
     My first teacher: Anne-Christine Hansen

     My former instructor: Walter Tschaikowski - Schule für F.M. Alexander-Technik

     Colleagues I trained with: Jens-Joachim Muth, Katja Ristow

In Germany (German Association of A.T. Teachers):
     Alexander-Technik-Verband Deutschland (ATVD)

In the World:
     Alexander Technique Worldwide -- International Affiliated Societies

     Finding an Alexander Teacher  — If there is no Alexander teacher near you  (by Philip Pawley)

Note on the (teacher's) links:
as is usual with such Web Links I assume
no responsability for the content of these links.

Any personal benefits resulting from further
interest of the readers is their sole responsability.

Furthermore even if I have learned much
from the teachers I have met personally and
some from others whose books I have read,
they are not responsible for any non-sense
you may read in my own website.
That is alone my responsability!

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