Alexander Technique (personal impressions)

bullet1 The future

What will be the future?

I am now training to become a Teacher in Alexander Technique but (how) will I use what I am learning?

Will I work with Alexander Technique only during my training and afterwards keep it only as occasional work on myself?

Will I become an active Alexander Technique Teacher?

Will I be a teacher, in parallel to my "normal" profession?

I think that is what is most likely: work "9 to 5" on my "normal" profession and be a teacher in my free time.

This free time will not be very much because a large part of it is already reserved for my family and Kyudo.

But anyway I hope I can work with a couple students every now and then because I find teaching is always an excelent opportunity to learn (not only in Alexander Technique, I thought that way about other subjects before I knew A.T., but in this context teaching implies permanent work on oneself so it becomes particularly true that teaching is learning).

Some years ago I had thought about training as A.T teacher in order to show some friends and family what I had learned. It was a project to work on "someday, maybe when I retire"...

Eventually I decided to train as A.T teacher in order to develop and improve my USE and my knowledge of A.T.

The emphasis is now on working on myself not in becoming teacher but since I think that teaching is part of this working on myself I hope I will become an active teacher at least for "part of my part-time".


Will I work on A.T. forever or will I switch to something else, look for something more?

Searching for something and learning something new are probably the most interesting activities I know so it could happen that in 2 or 3 years I will switch to using the part of my part-time not spent with family and Kyudo to go looking for something else, but (at least for now) I see A.T. as a never ending subject and the more I know the more I see there are never ending possibilities of new discoveries on myself (or the universe... what is the difference?; about that see f.i., Alan Watts, "The Book - On the taboo against knowing who you are")

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