Alexander Technique (personal impressions)

bullet1 1997: First Results

bullet2 Atypical "miracle"

My process is indeed "atypical", all reports I have heard of "beginners" fall in one of four "types":

- the first lesson was marvelous and I was immediately hooked

- I did not feel anything but it was ...(nice, relaxing, etc.) so I kept doing it

- You will probably not notice any change before 6 or 7 lessons

- You will need at least 30 lessons to get any results (starting with daily frequence and then reducing to weekly)

The fact I was away during the work days of week prevented me from starting with an intensive "treatment"/re-education but it probably also helped me to keep the patience and not expect any fast results.

And between every two lessons I had one or two weeks to "work on" what I had learned so that I probably "worked on it" more then most people would do, as beginners would probably tend to go to the A.T. lesson for the "work-out" and forget it until the next lesson.

I could not go back to the lesson every couple of days and had a strong motivation of pemanent pain so I did not "forget about it".

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