Alexander Technique (personal impressions)

bullet1 1997: First Results

bullet2 6 months, 10 lessons

After 6 months and around 10 lessons my pains had left me!

The pains I had carried with me since I was a child, which at age 19 had begun to include intensive attacks which were stronger then any pain killers (so I learned to avoid pain killers and reserve them only for extreme cases), which at around age 30 or sometime before had become permanent, were finally lost!

I no longer started every day in pain.

I actually never had pains except if I did extra efforts like carrying something and it disappeared soon afterwards.

I still had difficulty walking much more than 10 minutes but that I had learned from doctors it was "normal" and to be expected from someone "in my condition".

Sometimes (f.i. Expo 98 in Lisbon) I could actually walk for one or two hours, before I rest myself (but still with some effort, even if no longer in real pain).


Some years later, and one year after I started my training as Alexander Technique Teacher, I walked for 3 hours in a natural park, going up and down and covering 7,5 Km with a single stop half-way of less then 5 minutes and enjoying every minute of the afternoon.

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