Alexander Technique (personal impressions)

bullet1 Frage   To continue or not?

After the first 6 months and the disappearence of the pains I actually stopped having A.T. lessons.

It did cost some money, the medical insurance would not help in any way and the pain was no longer there. I had achieved a lot more then expected, what was there more to get?

I thought I could not afford to continue paying for the lessons and thought there was not much point in permanent lessons: I had learned a new way to USE my body and now I should simply apply what I had learned!

About three months later, while streching the bed cover to make the bed I did some unexpected sudden move and the back pains came back almost as strong as before and I remembered A.T. again...

For a couple years it remained like that: if no pain forget it for a few months, if some pain shows up go back to A.T. lessons for a few weeks or a few months (frequency once a week or biweekly).

Eventually I started to notice the strong back pains rarely reappeared but some other smaller pains (neck, wrist, maxilar, others) which appeared as a result of accidents or years of bad habits in body USE started being noticed.

Some were actually well-known recurring pains which previously I always ignored because compared to the intense back pain I felt they were irrelevant!...

Others were new and accidental in nature and would also in the past have been overlooked but were now clearly noticed.

Eventually after a couple years of off-and-on A.T. lessons (never more frequent than once a week mostly less) an improved finanncial situation and increased curiosity about "side effects" of A.T. (discovering more about own body, "to do myself something good") led to the development of a kind of habit of one weekly A.T. lesson mostly in individual lessons, sometimes in small groups.

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