Alexander Technique (personal impressions)

bullet1 1997: First Try

While working in Munich (1996) I finally found out the addresses of a few teachers but I did not know with whom to start...? As in any profession I imagined some would be better or worse and I had no criteria to choose one or the other. (I was also not sure I really wanted to do A.T., maybe it would be just another "quack" method to make money without any effect...?)

Finally after a few months I decided to move to Hamburg and my girl-friend found out there was an introduction course in the Hamburg VHS (public schools with a wide offer of courses and seminars for everyone on and on every thinkable or unprobable subject).

I thought it strange because what I had understood about A.T. required always individual work with one teacher and one "patient" so I did not expect much out of it but I thought "at least it is not expensive and maybe I can learn enough to create my own criteria to later decide whether to do it and select the teacher I will work with".

But I was in luck: first because this was the first time this course was offered in the Hamburg VHS, then because I liked and still like the teacher !

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