António Guerreiro's Kyudo Photos

Fotos about Kyudo,
made by me, in 2002.


I started practicing Kyudo in October 2001.
At first it was just an introduction course, once a week.
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At first we used only a rubber bow (or better a short stick with a length of rubber tube attached) to learn the movements; in December we started holding a real bow but without arrow or with a "protected" arrow. I enjoyed it and in January 2002 started practicing regularly (2 and later 3 times a week). At the time I was not even capable of shooting at the practice target (Makiwara) but I watched a first tournament the New Year's Tournament.

At the begining of July I made my first "exam" for 5th Kyu.


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This photo was taken more or less at the that time.
Near the practice targets (to the right).

It is easy to see the mistakes like that of the right shoulder too high and but otherwise this is the normal preparation. To see how it should be done correctly it is better to see here and select Bilder, then Bewegungsfolge and then the red arrows >

In August I participated for the first time in a Seminar; the Summer Seminar where we spent the week training hours a day and sometimes also after dinner.

In September I participated for the first time in a tournament which takes place every year: Tournament in memory of Prof. Inagaki.

In this tournament I managed to hit 15 from the eighty arrows shot.
I was third from last which was good enough because I was the "younger" and I started only 3 months ago to shoot "seriously" (at the 28 meters distance).

The winner hit over 50 arrows and the second 12 arrows less than the first.
Some participants with 10 years or more experience had between 20 e 30 hits.

It is not easy to hit something about one and a half hand's breadth at a distance of 28 meters with a simple bow without sight or any kind of help to aim at the target except for the attention to the positioning of the own body; in fact we aim with the direction of the shoulders with a line parallel to the feet and seeing the target with a virtual size of about 5 cm "more or less near the left hand". This "proximity" is diferent for each person and we must develop a "feeling" for that position of the target and for the position of the body in relation to the target.

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